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Be a prominent company with a name that is recognizable for iPhone users across the globe. There needs to be uniformity from your logo, to your website presentation and to other marketing avenues you. This makes your brand recognizable and easy to recall.

There are so many branding opportunities that you are yet to tap and Tech Codify will help pinpoint those areas where you can gain the most advantage. We set our work timeline on consumer engagement, identity establishment, Social Media Marketing, and other strategies what will make your brand a household name in the near future. All these branding initiatives have to be choreographed so that each one is launched at their most relevant time thus gaining more consumer contact.

Web Development

SKRAYSoftechwill develop a website for your business that is responsive to your clients needs and responsive to various media platforms.

Your website can be viewed on the desktop as well as in iPhones or smartphones, all the while preserving the kind of display and impression you want to make.

Web Development Services will include Custom-made Logo Design, Professional Stock Photos for Commercial Use, Email Address or Email Account Hosting, Web Hosting Service, PayPal Account Integration for Online Payments (if needed), Blog Integration and so much more.

CRM Tools Integration

You can market your business, your products and services using the power of online media with CRM Tools Integration. CRM or Customer Relationship Management involves organizing seemingly unrelated customer transactions, interactions and relationships with your product or staff. Once put in order, CRM will determine the life cycle of most customer relationships – then, you can establish new products or new approaches that will extend that life cycle.

CRM also helps identify your weak points in customer relations especially in complain resolution. Are your staff handling complaints properly? Are complaints given immediate solutions? Are your customers satisfied with your product? How can you improve? The overall aim of CRM is to improve your customer relations with the use of technology that will let you get to know your customers better – ultimately, it will help you serve them better.

Data & Analytics

It may not be easily noticeable but your customers’ behavior and product preferences have a pattern. These patterns are established when you have bulk data available for analysis. This is why sieving the customer data from the pre-sale to the closing of the sale are very important. Such can be turned into valuable information that will help you improve your business.

Better decisions are made when you have better access to information. Informed decisions lead to more profitable investments. You don’t want to shoot in the dark when making changes in your business. Neither should you stagnate for fear of changing lanes and losing your current customers.

Taking risks is business is perfectly acceptable as long as they are calculated risks. With Data & Analytics that our experts can provide, you can get the assurance that you made the right decision at the right time.

Great Features SKRAYSoftech

Many web sites still in their fancy versions have evolved over the years.

Improve the

Better User Experience increases brand loyalty.

Increase Traffic

With CMS tools, you can put your services within direct and easy reach for consumers.


Systems Designed

We take customization seriously. A unique system will be developed for your Customer Management needs.


Becoming a household name is possible with the right apps in place.